Sunday, 13 May 2012


This week, we attended two Dig-In Manitoba workshops. The first one was a Seed Starting Workshop, where we learned all about beginning garden seeds indoors. We received a starter kit, with different seeds, soil, etc., and planted them all on Wednesday. We must have perfect conditions for seed germination, because by Saturday, the tomatoes, spaghetti squash and lettuce had all germinated. We've added this to our seeds previously started, and if everything keeps growing, we will most likely be combining peppers and tomatos into our flower gardens to find room for everything.

Here is a photos of our little seed starting area. The tomatoes we started 3 weeks ago in the little pots in the pink planter, are now the beautiful seedlings in the square pots below.  We now have the following started: roma tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, 3 kinds of basil, hot peppers, red peppers, chocolate peppers, lettuce, spaghetti squash, pie pumpkins, cucumbers, and a "surprise" squash that we had saved seeds from in a previous year, but forgot to label.

These seeds, from last month, are the same ones in the photo below:
These seedlings are the ones from the photo above:
 The second workshop was called "Making Manitoba Delicious", and now I can hardly wait for the garden to start producing, so we can enjoy all these great vegetables.


  1. Such a cute little seed starting area! It's hard to believe how BIG everything gets.

  2. Things are growing very quickly. Today, we now have 8 of the different seeds planted at the workshop on Wednesday now up and growing. I"m running out of garden space!