Tuesday, 17 April 2012


We worked in our raised bed gardens today. A bit of fixing was necessary for the first time in 6 years. The multiplier onions and garlic we left in last fall are up. We’ve eaten fresh green onion spouts and bulbs, along with lots of fresh chives already, and it’s still April! It looks like a patch of marjoram over-wintered too. Let’s hope the weather holds, and doesn’t get too cold a night.

Our garden is a total of 6 raised beds that surround our kid's play house. the 4 largest beds are 4x8 feet in size, and the two smallest beds are 2x8 feet in size.  More on our planting ideas in another post.

On the warmer days, the bees have been out foraging for pollen. They have been coming back to the hives with a bright yellow pollen. All looks well with the hives too. The hives still have their winter wrap on. The photo above is the 4 hives we have in our yard. The rest of the hives are at my parent's farm

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