Friday, 20 April 2012


My daughter made this cute little planter box for me at Brownies this spring. We planted some tomatos and peppers into the little pots a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, they needed re-planting to bigger pots, so we seeded more new ones again. This time it was more tomatos, and some basil too. I hope this will be a fun project to do together this spring/summer. It's a small start, but in gardening, every little bit at the beginning can flourish in many meals full of vegetables later! I think it's a good lesson.
We are anxiously anticipating getting our garden planted soon. This spring weather has been so wonderful. I know that here in Manitoba you take your chances when planting outside too early, so it will be a challenge to figure out a good outdoor planting date. Our cold-weather seeds have gone outside already, particularly spinach, radishes and peas. Let's hope they survive.

We signed up as a "dig-deeper" family with, and are really looking forward to our first workshop, which focuses on starting seeds.

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